What is an ISBN? Where can I find it?


Every book has a unique 10 digit and 13 digit number that corresponds to the book.  It is not on a sticker.  It is either printed on the copy-write page of the book and it can also be on a bar code printed directly on the book.  It is never printed on a sticker.  Stickers may contain an ISBN but only the ISBN printed on the book or listed on the copy-write page can be used for your book.

How much does it cost me to send my books?


We will provide a free shipping label.  You will need to provide a plain brown box or other plain packaging. 

How do I get a shipping label to send my books?


Once you have placed an order to ship your books a pdf shipping label will be emailed to you within one business day.

How long do I have to drop off the books for shipping?


Your shipping label tracking will show when the books are shipped.  Please ship as soon as possible.  Books not shipped within 5 business days will be considered late and the price quoted may change.

When will I receive payment?


Usually about 4 days after you ship the book. Your shipping label will have a tracking number on it.  You can follow the tracking number online.  Once we receive the book we will process the order and make payment.  

What are my payment options?


During checkout choose either PayPal or for us to mail a check.

What if my book doesn't meet quality qualifications?


When processing we will inspect the books sent.  If the books shipped have excess damage we will email you with a new quote for the book.  You can either choose to receive the new amount or for us to return the books to you at your expense.

How can I get ahold of you?


Please use the Contact page on the website.  We will answer most emails the same day and will get back to any after hours emails the following business day.

Is there a minimum I need to send


No there is no minimum.